Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Heavy Metal is done!

No not the hard rock kind. Although it's not my kind of music, the heavy metal I'm talking about is the steel siding for the garage. I got the last big pieces cut, punched and installed this past Sunday. My buddy Earl came out on Monday and together we finished the trim.

Next came the overhead doors. Plateau Garage Doors & Roofing ordered my doors a few weeks ago. Kyle, one of the owners, called me last week and we setup this Tuesday for installation. I had to clear the area and make some minor adjustments to the bracing to facilitate Kyle's work. He and his helper showed up on time at 8:00 AM, unloaded the materials and immediately went to work. By 2:00, after a 15 minute lunch break, they were done and headed to their next job. Very efficient and done at reasonable cost. I am very pleased. No motors yet, need to wait for electric to be done next spring. However the doors raise and lower with little effort and will do just fine for now.

Here is the smaller door at the back of the building...

One of the two 16' front doors...

Time lapse video of the two front doors...

So far all the subs I have used are locals and most live quite close by us. That being said, I asked Kyle for a recommendation for an electrician. Sure enough, he had a friend that can do the work and will work with me so I can do some of the wiring myself. Hmmm, I see more Youtube videos in my future. I've done some electrical before and always get accused of over-doing. Hey, anything worth doing is worth over-doing!

So my goal for this year has been accomplished. I set out to get the building up and closed in. I am a little over budget but nothing catastrophic. So yes, I am pleased. Now both the Backend of Nowhere Garage and I will rest over the winter. We'll hit hard again come Spring!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Nice looking Job and I'm certain you will be happy with it, but do you want to keep it that way. You might consider Cementing Bollards into the ground that will protect the Door Frames from vehicles hitting them. Better to stop the Vehicle then damage the Building.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks. Most likely do something off that nature, A little concrete in a pipe buried a few feet should do it. Painted and reflective tape for visibility at night.

  2. Congratulations Stu--Mike is eyeing a metal building for Arizona.

    1. Thank you. It’s an economical way to get a lot of secure room. Let us know if you go for it.


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